Timeless charm

The Basso story starts with the welding of a steel frame!

A new approach

Not content to take the current technology of the time as the Basso standard, Alcide Basso set forth to study, investigate and innovate new methods of construction, material preparation and frame building.


That tradition has been maintained throughout Basso’s history and the Viper model represents all that was learned during that long journey that looked to perfect steel frame construction.

The experience in welding of our technicians are our best tool in obtaining lighter weights and major resistance to torsion and flexion.

The frame and fork are welded with lugs, tubes are internally tapered for extreme performances and aesthetical beauty.

Made by hand,
made in Italy

Made by hand, made in Italy, made by Basso the Viper blends traditional looks and style with the capability to build modern componentry, thus creating an elegant, sophisticated bike that begs for speed yet offers a ride quality without comparison.


Every good bike fit starts with choosing the correct frame size for you. This will allow you to benefit best of the bike’s performance and comfort for an efficient riding position.
Seat Tube (A1)480 mm500 mm520 mm540 mm560 mm580 mm600 mm
Top Tube (B)510 mm520 mm535 mm545 mm560 mm570 mm580 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)74,5°74°73,5°73,5°73°73°73°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71,5°72,5°72,5°73°73°73°73°
Chain-stay Length (E)406 mm407 mm409 mm411 mm411 mm413 mm415 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)570 mm572 mm583 mm584 mm594 mm599 mm609 mm
Headtube (H)90 mm104 mm120 mm136 mm155 mm174 mm194 mm

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