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Diamante Rim

The purest
of them all

The Diamante follows only the footsteps of its previous versions as it leads all others in the category of essential race bikes. The classic lines, flawless geometry and rounded tube shapes meet with a construction aimed at offering race winning performance that lasts to create the perfect tool for the trade no matter where, how or over what terrain you race.

More than meets the eye

An essentially essential frame eliminates all superfluous design elements and concentrates on its core mission: racing. The elegant and minimalistic design hides the story of an extremely complex design. The finest materials available manufactured with care and laid into place, by hand, in accordance to meticulous studies on material and shape behavior confer to the frame a performance riding experience that quickly conquers the emotions of even the most demanding cyclist.

Ride, perfected

Stable, reactive, efficient and handles as if it had four wheels instead of two the Diamante is a versatile road racing bike that is capable of performing everywhere and in every type of racing scenario. More than great geometry and fantastic craftsmanship or materials, the details behind the long list of technological solutions contribute greatly to its exceptionally versatile performance. The curved fork stands out amongst conventional design and adds a great deal of stability.

  • Opal White
  • Velvet Blue


The head tube/top tube junction provides yet another example of unconventional design as it allows the headset to sit below the top tube, allowing for not only better maneuverability but also a cleaner aesthetic.

3B Clamp System Gen 2

A totally hidden fixing solution that is invisible on the frame, intertwining technological and aesthetic innovation.

The result is a lightweight, invisible and strong integrated system with three screws, which has been further implemented through the vulcanization of the steel plank. This Basso solution gives the 3B system an anti-vibration function, which improves the riding experience by elevating comfort on uneven and bumpy surfaces.


Every good bike fit starts with choosing the correct frame size for you. This will allow you to benefit best of the bike’s performance and comfort for an efficient riding position.
Seat Tube (A1)450 mm480 mm510 mm530 mm560 mm580 mm610 mm
Top Tube (B)505 mm515 mm525 mm545,4 mm560 mm575 mm590 mm
Reach (R)380 mm378 mm384 mm390 mm392 mm395 mm393 mm
Stack (S)503 mm513 mm528 mm540 mm567 mm590 mm624 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)76°75°75°74°73,5°73°72,5°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71,8°71,8°72°72,3°73,5°73,5°74°
Chain-Stay Length (E)400 mm400 mm400 mm400 mm402 mm406 mm406 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)574 mm575 mm584 mm592 mm590 mm599 mm602 mm
Slope (G)87 mm72 mm57 mm52 mm51 mm56 mm64 mm
Head Tube (H)100 mm110 mm125 mm137 mm155 mm179 mm213 mm
Handlebar width out/out (M)420 mm420 mm420 mm440 mm440 mm440 mm460 mm
Stem Length (N)90 mm90 mm100 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm130 mm

Diamante Rim

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