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Ride, Perfected.

“At Basso, it’s all about creating the best riding experience for passionate cyclists like you and us.”
Alcide Basso

Riding on a Basso is an experience to be lived which goes far beyond technical data and performance. In the first place, the best possible rideability obtained through the balance between handling and lightness, performance and cycling pleasure. Each Basso bike is developed from the riding experience. Every shape of its construction, every angle of its geometry and every single tube that makes up the frame are the result of research and development together with highly specialized technicians. It’s not about producing the lightest or most aerodynamic bike but about combining these characteristics to create an inspiring high-performance riding experience.

Poetical Biomechanics

Basso comes up with the frame as the mechanical extension of the cyclist’s body. Every single frame is made to amplify its capabilities and determination, achieving the highest quality and safety standards. Each model is produced in many different sizes (up to 8 on some models) which, combined with the Basso components, also available in different sizes and specifications, allows you to calibrate the best position on the saddle for each cyclist. Each bicycle is then assembled to the specifications of those who order it, with the possibility of modifying and adapting it over time.

Muscles and carbon, nerves and pedals. Kilometer after kilometer riding a Basso, every cyclist experiences a symbiosis and find the confidence to challenge his limits thanks to the most suitable tool for his body. Basso frames are constantly improved as a tribute to those who over the years have ridden on them, contributing to the development of maximum riding pleasure.

Geometrical Evolution

Thousands of anthropometric measurements on cyclists’ bodies to study their posture, weight distribution, the dynamic balance on which cycling is based. Since its foundation, Alcide Basso has been studying to produce frames made to measure for athletes. From this mass of data he derived his own formula for perfect geometry. Measurements and modeling made it possible to identify the geometry suitable for Basso’s purpose: to give the best driving experience.

Over forty years ago Mr. Basso made his first frame, the result of a meticulous search for the geometry suitable for the persons. In four decades, technology has evolved and design has followed it. But the geometric laws and the human body, biomechanics, have not changed.
For this reason, it is not surprising that the geometry identified by Alcide Basso at the dawn of his adventure is still today the fulcrum from which the geometries of the different models derive.
This is why every bike is different and unique but unmistakably Basso.

Craftiness Engineered

Designed to compete, to have fun, to last. Handmade by Basso, in Italy.

Hands that know every fiber, every fold, every joint of the bike frame. Hands that have been repeating the same gestures for decades, perfecting them from time to time thanks to the engineering of the production processes. An approach that blends engineering and manual skills, where meticulously structured processes are followed by the expert hands of technicians. It takes time to make a luxury handcrafted bicycle, and it is precisely in the challenge of time that its value is shown.

Behind every Basso frame there are the hands of those who, with passion and dedication, shape the material with care and meticulous attention to every detail.
Hands that not only make high-performance frames, but that ensure durability over time so that the Basso riding experience can be lived for as long as possible. Ride after ride, season after season. Each frame that leaves the Basso factory guarantees quality, reliability and confidence in the constant improvement of the experience on the saddle. The beauty of a Basso frame is not only seen with the eyes but is experienced with every part of oneself.

Performing aesthetics

The meticulous attention to design has led Basso to seek solutions that combine functionality devoted to performance with a refined and elegant aesthetic. The constant research and development both on the mechanical-structural aspects and on the production process meet the ability to internally develop new materials and finishes to ensure reliable, long-lasting and, above all, elegant results on each frame.

Every detail that makes up a Basso bicycle is made to be beautiful, even when it is not visible. A holistic approach that intertwines innovation and aesthetics and is declined in different models.

Functionally beautiful, beautiful functionally.

Functionality and aesthetics together, ready to challenge time. For Basso, a simply functional bicycle would not be enough. For this reason, each project takes the aesthetic balance of every detail into the utmost account. The result is a design capable of thrilling both at a simple glance and as soon as you get on the saddle. Impeccable performance and aesthetics come together to create objects that stand the test of time, releasing elegance with every pedal stroke.