“At Basso, it’s all about creating the best riding experience for passionate cyclists like you and us.”


From racing to your Sunday rides, from aero to climbing bikes, from premium to more affordable solutions, our goal is to create bikes with better handling, more reliable and exciting performance for a ride quality that leaves you feeling inspired to ride further, harder and faster.


Gravel takes on several definitions but no matter how you choose to ride we have the best tool for you. From carbon to alloy, from your own power to pedal assisted power, we offer the same fantastic riding experience on all of our models as if it were specifically designed for your particular type of riding for any given day.


We can’t anymore refer to it as a future trend. Pedal assisted bikes are here to stay. In Basso, we’ve worked on translating the same riding feeling of our road bikes to the “E” world in a versatile platform for all, adding watts and volts making every ride as fun as the first one.


Our urban and commuter bikes are built for the daily routine and city scene. They make it easier to haul, easier to commute, easier to look great while doing it.


Born in the era of steel and developed thorough alloy and carbon, from 1977 Basso creates steel mater pieces based on the long-lasting welding experience of our technicians.