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Basso x Enough: Season 2024

Enough Cycling Collective was born in 2021 from a fairly simple idea: a bike is enough to be happy!

The goal is to become the most inspiring cycling project around and to encourage people in experiencing cycling in its most diverse forms and – ultimately – to be happy

The Enough will continue its journey with Basso in 2024, opting once again for the Palta for races and adventures across the globe. This special team edition colorway will be avaialble for purchase on Palta, as a frame kit or complete build.


Each season, the Collective adopts a concept guiding its communication and kit design, with the goal of conveying a message and cultivating a strong, ever-evolving visual identity.

The new concept, “Enjoy the trip“, launched this year (2024).  It’s an invitation to relish the experience of riding bikes and embrace all the emotions it brings. Although the Collective aims to win races, it emphasizes that cycling should be enjoyable, not overly focused on performance and results. Instead, riding bikes is viewed as a means to free the mind and let it soar, particularly in adventure races, where physical limits are often pushed, leaving room for self-discovery, imagination, and deep reflection. The entire 2024 Enough Cycling kit takes a modern approach inspired by the 60s and 70s hippie and psychedelic culture.

A very special Palta

The Basso Palta stands out as one of the simplest yet most powerful pieces in such a kit. Total white with no visible logo from the side, it serves as a White Canvas, allowing anyone to imagine and paint in their mind, letting creativity take flight. The inner fork and rear stay details feature the pattern used for the Collective’s jersey, while the Basso logo is positioned under the downtube.

  • Enough

The bike

Enough Cycling will ride a high-end, all-Italian configuration of the Basso Palta, featuring the following components:

  • Campagnolo Ekar groupset
  • Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon wheelset
  • Fizik Argo Adaptive 00 saddle
  • Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M tyres
  • Technomousse tyre inserts
  • Elite bottle cages

The voice from the Stage

“We are very proud of this year’s bike. It’s a brave and bold move from Basso, and definitely not a conservative one. Sponsoring a team without putting a logo on the side is something very rare and shows a modern concept of marketing and branding from Basso. We’re happy we share the same values and aesthetic taste, and we couldn’t wish for a better paint job to complete our 2024 kit,” says Federico Damiani, Enough Cycling Team Manager & Art Director.

Configure your Palta Enough