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Basso Bikes X Band of Climbers

Our attitude of looking beyond, combined with our intemperate passion for biking, drives us to set more ambitious goals each year. Living each experience closely with our bikes is what we always try for. It is from these shared visions that a new partnership with Band Of Climbers for 2024 has emerged

Band Of Climbers

Band of Climbers exists to inspire others to ride their bikes in the mountains and hills around them. They are a small design collective based in North East England. More than anything, they love riding their bikes in the Alps, Dolomites, Pyrenees, and other mountain ranges of the world, and they want others to experience their love of climbing high.

The journey of Band of Climbers began back in 2015. Founder Stuart Anderson, who had turned to cycling many years previously to lose weight, decided to combine his passion for cycling, design, and branding. Founding Band of Climbers in his spare time, he began producing cycling prints inspired by his rides in the mountains and hills of Europe, and his home in North East England. Now, the brand quickly grew thanks to a growing Instagram community. Riders from across the world would share their stories of climbing, cycling in the mountains, and the tales of their rides.

The partnership

BoC Escapes represents the travel and events division of Band of Climbers. Since 2016, Band of Climbers has been inspiring others to conquer the world’s greatest climbs. In 2018, their first Escape was born, and the team has never looked back. BoC Escapes enables everyday riders to experience the adventure and beauty of the high mountains with a close-knit group of riders from around the world. Testing themselves to their limits with epic rides over Europe’s greatest Cols and Passes, on road and gravel. In partnership with Basso, BoC Escapes is set to take riders higher than ever, offering more events, more destinations, more experiences, and more memories to last a lifetime.

The collaboration between BoC Escapes and Basso will have the BoC team riding the Basso Diamante on all Road Escapes in 2024, and the Basso Palta on the first-ever Gravel Escape in the French Alps. Escape riders will also have the opportunity to rent Basso bikes at select destinations across Europe.

But that's not all...

Expect exclusive Basso x Band of Climbers events and experiences throughout 2024.

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