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Basso x Away Message


We are proud to introduce a journey where innovation meets creativity in an unparalleled partnership. An exhilarating collaboration between Basso Bikes, renowned for its engineering and timeless elegance, and Away Message, a trailblazing blend of talented individuals in the realm of artistic expression.

Picture this: sleek lines of Italian design infused with the vibrant energy of American creativity. It’s a match made in passion. Together, we’re not just crafting bikes; we’re crafting experiences, weaving stories that resonate with the soul of every adventurer.

From our cobblestone streets here in Bassano del Grappa to the bustling highways of Los Angeles, our collaboration knows no bounds. Drawing from the rich tapestry of Italian heritage and the boundless ingenuity of American visionaries, we’re poised to redefine the very essence of cycling culture.

We reached out to the Away Message co-founder to give us some feedback on his experience of designing in collaboration with our team here in Basso HQ. After originally receiving an out-of-office message we finally managed to track him down for some insight. Read below…

Graphic Concept Away Message

“Our team, Away Message (AM), could not think of a more natural partner than Basso to explore this terrain with.  Being both from cities characterized by iconic bridges, San Francisco and Bassano del Grappa, there is a natural affinity to draw connections between ideas that may typically feel separate.   A shared desire to search for a ride, perfected – that captures all the double entendres cycling creates. 

Together, we created a Diamante SV & Palta that is both unbelievably rigid, yet compliant.  Light, yet powerful. Beautiful, yet aggressive. A bicycle that can seriously compete, but offers a ride that can only be described as fun.  We’ve left the bike essentially naked and incorporated our visual identity at a smaller scale; inviting onlookers to inspect the craftsmanship, explore the design, and marvel at the precision.  The result is striking, and intentionally left open to interpretation.  We cannot wait for the unexpected places this bike will bring.”

“Away Message is a manifestation of the way we see the world: fast, chaotic, and beautiful. We wanted to build a racing team rooted in performance, design… We ended up with way more.”

Co-Founder Jeff Johnson

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Away Message Edition

Raw Carbon with Custom Graphic Details

Super Veloce, Super Versatile

While improving upon past success is never easy, taking an award-winning and universally lauded platform and making it not only faster but better proved to be a herculean task. Basso, thanks to its competitive nature and desire to evolve, enjoyed the challenge and the end result demonstrates the effort, attention to detail and passion that went into this project.


Away Message Edition

Raw Carbon with Custom Graphic Details

The Next Frontier

The proof that adventure can be competitive, that performance doesn’t require a race number, that exploration is better with adrenaline and speed…Comes in the form of Palta.

Innovate, Ride, Create: Join Us!

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking the ultimate ride or an artist yearning to leave your mark on the world, join us as we embark on this thrilling adventure. Together, let’s ride towards a future where innovation knows no bounds, where passion knows no borders and creativity fuels innovation.