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Basso Bikes X Enough Cycling

The best partnerships aren’t born as partnerships, but rather as time spent together doing what you like the most. That’s how we at Basso decided to support and become part of the Enough Cycling Collective: simply sharing some trails and a few beers in Bassano del Grappa after our social rides this summer.

Defining Enough Cycling is no easy task for sure. Most people picture them as one of the most successful gravel teams in Europe but don’t tell them! That’s not how they want you to think of them.

The Collective

Enough Cycling Collective was born in 2021 from a fairly simple idea: a bike is enough to be happy! The goal is to become the most inspiring cycling project around and to encourage people in experiencing cycling in its most diverse forms and – ultimately – to be happy.

Why do they gravel, you ask? Because they think it’s the best way to get to such a goal. No discipline combines performance and comradery, fun and grit as gravel does. No discipline is more inclusive: gravel has so many nuances that anyone can feel welcome and fit in.

In three years Enough Cycling went international and covered a wide calendar. From the fine gravel of Unbound in Kansas to the wild valleys of Kyrgyzstan at the Silk Road Mountain race. From the Kenyan savanna to the volcanic craters of Iceland. The riders of the Collective have covered so many different events from one-day to adventure races that you can barely keep count of them. And yes, they even race fast. Take the wins at The Traka, at Migration gravel race, at Badlands just to name a few. The guys are no joke!

A very special Palta

It goes without saying that the point of contact between Enough Cycling and Basso is our brand new custom Palta. The design reflects Enough Cycling’s concept for 2023: In between. Competitive athletes or party animals? Too serious or too fun? They say people often fail to categorize the Collective, but they are fine with it because great things always happen in between others you can clearly define.

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The paint job and build

The paint solution – obviously Basso Pigment – of the customized Palta features a clear horizontal separation with a bold line laying in between. The purple of the top is the historic Enough Cycling color, while the rest of the palette is an evolution of the past and completely matches the jersey that will be used throughout the season. The logo on the fork is an identity element since the very first Enough Cycling bike and it’s kept on the Palta too.

The bike features Campagnolo Ekar groupset and Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon wheels customized to match the frame. The Paradigma stem system allows for complete cable integration with our Gravel carbon handlebar.

What's coming?

Ready to rock on the best gravel roads and trails of the world – the Collective will start racing in Rwanda in a few days and will close its season in Patagonia in November. In between? USA, Kenya, Iceland, Catalunya. You name it! Can’t wait to see them in action – and also at the pub for some beers together while they tell some stories from the road!

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