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Basso believes that innovation means perfectionism. Does not constantly force the concept of novelty as a marketing tool but work with dedication to really raise the bar for the best riding experience.

Basso Pigment

The eco-dress

Meticulous research and development has allowed Basso to develop an innovative paint solution that is even more resistant and durable. The Buchholz BH2000 test confirms that the new Basso paint is significantly more resistant than the previous solutions.

The 3D structure of the ceramic nanoparticles increases water repellency and reduces porosity to make the paint stronger, more aerodynamic and resistant to contaminants.

Stronger, faster, more resistant, cleaner and easier to clean, for an aesthetic result that testifies Basso’s dedication to every aspect. Another fundamental piece of his uniqueness.

3B Clamp System II Generation

Stability and riding precision, everywhere

Basso developed the second generation of its 3B Clamp System. A totally hidden fixing solution that is invisible on the frame, intertwining technological and aesthetic innovation. Basso has decided to leave behind traditional systems – such as the ring / screw to fix the seat post or the carbon bulge to accommodate internal screws – to develop its own patented system.
The use of three locking points creates a solid body between the seat post and the seat tube. The result is a lightweight, invisible and strong integrated system with three screws, which has been further implemented through the vulcanization of the steel plank. This Basso solution gives the 3B system an anti-vibration function, which improves the riding experience by elevating comfort on uneven and bumpy surfaces.
Already present on some models, from 2022 it will be included on the entire carbon range.

PARADIGMA Integration System

Stability and riding precision, everywhere

This integration system consisting of stem, headset and spacers has been designed for maximum compatibility with the groups available on the market.

Basso has focused on the total integration and versatility of the components while maintaining the same lightness of steering for precise driving.
The Paradigma stem remains free from cables so that it can be removed at any time without the need to detach the cables. This makes it easier not only to customize the bike but also to maintain it, allowing it to be shipped or disassembled in less time in case of travel and packing.

Basso Cockpit Systems

Performance and safety grow hand in hand.

The integration system between the handlebar and stem is designed for the complete integration of hydraulic, mechanical and electronic cables. Basso has developed solutions for two different categories of use: the Paradigma Integration System and the AeroLari System.


The Paradigma Integration System was born from the desire to create a solution for the complete integration of cables compatible with all types of disc brake group sets, 1x and 2x, electronic and mechanical.


The passage of many cables in a small space often results in a slowdown and heavy steering. Basso, through this system, is able to integrate mechanical cable groups with front derailleur, maintaining maximum steering lightness to confer precise driving.


The Paradigma stem remains free from cables so that it can be removed at any time without the need to disconnect the cables. This makes it easier to maintain the bike, transport it in travel bags and customize the length of the stem.

AeroLari System

Basso has developed its own cable integration system to reduce aerodynamic impact by breaking down the handlebar to make it modular, more precise and safer. The aim was to maintain the same aesthetic care by improving ease of use, maintenance, safety, pedaling effectiveness and handling.


AeroLari System offers 4 stem lengths with 3 combinable handlebar widths (12 combination possible) to allow each cyclist to find their own for the best bike fit.

Design & Performance

A modular solution that allows the same performance as a fixed integrated system thanks to the SuperSafe system.
SuperSafe Clamp System is designed to allow the stem to wrap a large portion of the handlebar, giving it a unique stiffness. The handlebar rests on the seat of the stem so as to prevent detachment of the handlebar from the frame, increasing safety even in the event of extreme structural stress.
An innovation that emphasizes Basso’s refined aesthetics, which for years has been recognized for producing one of the most elegant stems on the market.