The Basso Ecosystem

The Basso ecosystem is designed to give every cyclist the opportunity to accessorize their bike, guaranteeing aesthetic beauty, quality, reliability, and safety.

For this reason, we have developed specific parts for each model and, through the collaboration with leading companies in the production of accessories, created specific products that best integrate with our solutions.


Developed in collaboration with Knog


Thanks to the Basso accessories, the lights that you will find in our catalog can be integrated with all Basso bike models for best function and looks.


100% waterproof to guarantee the best durability and efficiency even on wet rides.

USB Rechargeable

All of the lights are USB rechargeable and have integrated USB plugs that can be inserted directly into USB ports.

Diamante SV-Palta-Astra-Venta adapteur

The most of our range mounts a convex seatpost with 3B Clamp System Gen II clamping technology.

For your Basso with “Heart”, “Venta 3B” or “Diamante SV” seatpost, we have developed a specific adapter capable to position the Cobber rear light in perfect alignment on the specific seatpost.

Computer mounts

Developed in conjunction with our cockpit systems, our bike computer mounts will allow you to place your Garmin, Wahoo, and lights in perfect position.

More accessories