Integra Cockpit

The Integra is a solution that manages to improve both aesthetics and functionality in one single, finely crafted carbon Integrated stem/bar system. Aside from cleaner lines, and fewer additional pieces than traditional systems, this particular Integrated handlebar system mimics perfectly the look of what is arguably the industry’s most beautiful stem, thus matching perfectly with the head-turning design of both the Diamante and Diamante SV. Cables route internally and the design has been optimized for the Shimano Di2 handlebar junction box, thus resulting in an even cleaner cockpit. While its appearance will turn heads it is perhaps the functionality of this sophisticated component that renders it coherent for the superbike category. Made with the same high modulus Torayca carbon fiber used in the construction of the Diamante frame, it is stiff and strong enough to handle the tug of the toughest sprinter and aerodynamic in form to reduce drag to a minimum. The Integra looks fast because it is fast and as such, it is the perfect addition to your finely crafted superbike from Basso. This handlebar is designed as an upgrade for Diamante Sv (from 2019 to 2020) and Diamante. It is also compatible with every model of BassoBikes that features the carbon Diamante spacers.
  • Size: handlebar measure is fixed between the external edge of the lower curved section of the handlebar
  • Stem angle: -8°
  • Weight: 400g

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