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Basso Experience: Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa has been beautifully shaped through many years of history. The historic centre, with its vibrant energy featuring the iconic Ponte Vecchio, designed by Andrea Palladio, as the symbol of our city. It is surrounded by many restaurants, trattorias and bars which allow the locals to live a social lifestyle in a very typical Italian fashion. Bassano is not only where we create our bikes, but a city surrounded by limitless amounts of culture and nature. The Brenta River runs directly through the centre of our city and provides a picturesque view from the Ponte while enjoying a Mezzoemezzo Nardini. Neighbouring cities include Asolo, Marostica, Nove, Valdobbiadene – each famous for their own specific arts and crafts.

Thankfully, our home is much more than just Basso’s home

We are not just dedicated bike manufacturers. We are passionate cyclists, curious explorers and supporters of the culture of our land. By these principles, the Bassano Experience is our vehicle for sharing our culture, local traditions and the many varieties of passages in our area with a wider audience of visitors by bike. Here in Bassano we are surrounded by endless riding opportunities in whichever direction we choose to explore. Everything is possible from the high mountains featured in the Giro d’Italia to the rolling roads used by the many local pros. Wherever we decide to ride we are constantly reminded of our region’s history and beauty. Whether it’s the Memorial of First World War at the summit of Monte Grappa, the Ernest Hemingway museum while riding along the Brenta River, or the Temple of Canova in Possagno, the ride always finishes with memories and a few extra photos as reminders.

Favourite Local Climbs


  • Foza
  • Enego
  • La Rosina
  • San Luca
  • Forcella Mostaccin
  • La Tisa

Places to Visit


  • Canovian Temple, Possagno
  • Piazza degli Scacchi, Marostica
  • Piazza Garibaldi, Asolo
  • Ponte Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa
  • Museo Civico Bassano del Grappa
  • King Kong Rhino, Bassano del Grappa
  • Basso Bikes HQ, San Zenone degli Ezzelini

Post-Ride Recovery


  • Inn Bottega
  • Al Querto
  • Room Food & Drink
  • Nardini
  • Danieli

Traditional Local Food & Drink

Asparagus – Being tempted by the gastronomic excellence of the area is a must for anyone coming to Bassano. The White Asparagus of Bassano D.O.P, its color and characteristic bitter-sweet taste, make it a flagship product of Bassano cuisine.

Baccalà and polenta – One of the typical dishes based on stockfish (obtained from the processing of dried cod). The recipe is handed down from generation to generation and almost every family uses one or more small variations.

Grappa – Nardini Acquavite has been produced and bottled in Bassano del Grappa since 1779. It is undoubtedly the oldest and most traditional Italian distillery founded in the premises of “l’Osteria sul ponte” at the entrance to the famous Bassano bridge over the Brenta river.

Prosecco – It’s long been the aperitivo of choice for Italians up and down the peninsula but It was back in 2009 when the Prosecco DOCG was officially recognized by the Italian government’s agricultural ministry and the National Committee for Italian. With the creation of the new designation the production area for top Prosecco was limited to the provinces of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Asolo. To add the “guaranteed” to the labeling, the grapes used to make the wine must be grown in one of those townships.


Un Campeón como Guía

Marco Canola, ex ciclista de carretera y ganador de una etapa en el Giro de Italia 2014, os acompañará durante vuestra experiencia en Bassano a través de las muchas rutas que nuestra región tiene para ofrecer. Marco es un experimentado guía local, con quien podréis saborear la esencia del recorrido, dejándoos llevar por los senderos y disfrutando del gusto de la exploración más allá de los límites habituales. Una verdadera experiencia en Bassano que realmente representa lo que significan las dos ruedas en nuestro territorio

The Bassano Experience Package

Our Bassano Experience is a week-long riding extravaganza that consists of 7 fully guided rides covering different local landscapes, each of them starting with a coffee and ending with a beer – just like all perfect rides should. You can simply join us for one of the rides as you pass through Bassano del Grappa, or base yourself here for the entire week of riding if you want to fully appreciate what our local culture has to offer. Upon arrival you will also receive a welcome pack containing a membership card which offers you benefits with some of our favorite cafes, restaurants & bars, allowing you to explore Bassano del Grappa in comfort. The total cost per day is 40EUR per person and our Basso Experience team are happy to support you with any questions which you may have. Booking inquiries can be made at the bottom of the page where our Bassano Experience team is happy to support you with any questions you may have.

The 2023 season closed, in which we offered our Bassano Experience on 3 different dates. The next events will be 2024, stay tuned and find out the next stages. We look forward to welcoming you to Bassano del Grappa.

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Contact us for your cycling holiday with Basso Experience. Reservations for our Bassano Experience are now open and registration is required in advance to participate in the rides.