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Basso Signature Series - Act I

The Basso Signature Series is an ode to cycling and its culture.

It reflects our deeply personal commitment to innovation and aesthetics in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate riding experience.

The result of a tight collaboration between Alcide Basso and his young team of professionals, to create a unique project capable of challenging the ordinary.

The Capsule collection

Available for a limited time and in restricted quantities, this capsule collection graces both the Diamante and Diamante SV models.

Its exclusivity is underscored by a uniquely intricate painting production process, making each piece a rare embodiment of craftsmanship.

Rare Chrome colorway

With a reflective chrome effect gradually conquering the base taupe color of the frame, the paint job is a true work of art from the hands of the Basso design and paint-shop team. The distinctive placement of the bold Basso branding, beneath the downtube, allows the carbon tubes to elegantly showcase their design.

  • Diamante
  • Diamante SV

Same DNA, different attitude

United by DNA and for the first time in looks in this exclusive Signature Series, it’s the attitude of our highest expression performance frames that sets them apart.


A timeless aesthetic, capable of interpreting the contemporary. The search for the balance between lightness and stability, making the most of the characteristics of carefully hand-worked carbon.

Diamante SV

The aerodynamic design and a robust, race-proven structure, make the Diamante SV the culmination of Basso’s competition-oriented geometry. Crafted for speed, this bike is handled with the precision reminiscent of a high-performance supercar.

The best components from selected partners

For this project, we partnered with Shimano, Ceramic Speed and Fulcrum. Every bike is built on customer specs, choosing between two Shimano groupsets, upgraded by CeramicSpeed and 3-wheel-set options.

Levita Integrated Handlebar

Meticulously crafted to elevate both form and function within an integrated stem and bar system, Levita is constructed with high modulus Torayca carbon fiber.

Available in 13 different sizes, Levita is designed to integrate all your riding accessories, from lights to cycling computers.

3B Clamp system Gen 2

A totally hidden fixing solution that is invisible on the frame, intertwining technological and aesthetic innovation.

The result is a lightweight, invisible and strong integrated system with three screws, which has been further implemented through the vulcanization of the steel plank. This Basso solution gives the 3B system an anti-vibration function, which improves the riding experience by elevating comfort on uneven and bumpy surfaces.


Every good bike fit starts with choosing the correct frame size for you. This will allow you to benefit best of the bike’s performance and comfort for an efficient riding position.
Seat Tube (A1)450 mm480 mm510 mm530 mm560 mm580 mm610 mm630 mm
Top Tube (B)505 mm515 mm525 mm545 mm560 mm575 mm590 mm605 mm
Reach (R)375 mm375 mm378 mm384 mm386 mm389 mm390 mm398 mm
Stack (S)523 mm523 mm548 mm560 mm587 mm610 mm634 mm658 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)76°75°75°74°73,5°73°72,5°72,5°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71,8°71,8°72°72,3°73,5°73,5°74°74,5°
Chain-Stay Length (E)404 mm404 mm404 mm404 mm406 mm410 mm410 mm410 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)574 mm574 mm583 mm592 mm590 mm599 mm602 mm602 mm
Head Tube (H)101 mm101 mm126 mm138 mm156 mm180 mm203 mm226 mm
Handlebar width C/C (M)400 mm400 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm440 mm440 mm
Stem Length (N)90 mm90 mm100 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm
Seat Tube (A1)450 mm480 mm510 mm530 mm560 mm580 mm610 mm
Top Tube (B)505 mm515 mm525 mm545 mm560 mm575 mm590 mm
Reach (R)374.9 mm375.2 mm378.6 mm384.8 mm386.9 mm389 mm390.7 mm
Stack (S)521.7 mm521.8 mm546.2 mm558.8 mm584.3 mm608 mm632.2 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)76°75°75°74°73.5°73°72.5°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71.3°71.4°71.6°71.9°73.1°73.1°73.6°
Chain-Stay Length (E)400 mm400 mm400 mm400 mm402 mm402 mm406 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)579.3 mm579.4 mm589.1°596.1°593.5°602.7 mm606 mm
Head Tube (H)101 mm101 mm126 mm138 mm155 mm180 mm203 mm
Handlebar width C/C (M)400 mm400 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm440 mm
Stem length (N)90 mm90 mm100 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm120 mm

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