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Signature Series Act II

by Mirko Borsche

A tribute to the rich culture and inspiring landscape of our hometown, Bassano del Grappa, this project reflects our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of cycling performance, collaborative cultural movement, and unique design.

Available until July 25 in a limited quantity

Sempre Veloce

To celebrate the opening of the Bassano Club House, a community-focused cycling hub in the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, we are proud to present the Signature Series Act II, designed in collaboration with Mirko Borsche.

The Diamante SV, our flagship model, is at the heart of this project. For this occasion, it has appropriately taken on a new identity: Sempre Veloce, Italian for “Always Fast“. This bike embodies unparalleled performance across all riding scenarios, seamlessly adapting to the terrain to deliver a truly exceptional riding experience and delivering speed, always.

As riders, we dream of smooth tarmac but often face varying road conditions. This bike delivers exceptional performance on both pristine asphalt and rougher surfaces, boosting confidence, safety, and enjoyment regardless of the terrain.

Mirko Borsche

Mirko Borsche, the celebrated Munich-based graphic designer and founder of Bureau Borsche, is renowned for his innovative and impactful designs across various media. He has collaborated with high-profile clients in fashion, media, and the arts, including Nike, Supreme New York, and Balenciaga. His work is distinguished by its bold, contemporary aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail, making him the perfect partner for this special edition project.

In addition to his professional achievements, Borsche is a passionate cyclist with a deep connection to the sport’s culture, past and present. This personal passion contributes significantly to the authenticity and enthusiasm behind the design of the Diamante SV Signature Series Act II. Borsche’s unique ability to blend cultural elements with modern design principles results in a bike that is both visually stunning and heavily performance-driven.

As we have already seen from the vibrant international community taking shape within the walls of Bassano Club House, bridging the gap to passionate people from different nations and industries encourages growth and leads us down paths we might not have otherwise taken. This bike encapsulates the collaborative approach and the global perspectives shared within Bassano Club House.

Design Excellence

The bike boasts a sleek black and white color scheme, accented with metallic branding and distinctive pink “Giro” details, making it a true masterpiece of modern design.

Unmatched Performance

This special edition Diamante SV is equipped with cutting-edge components from selected partners to ensure top-tier performance and versatility.


Every good bike fit starts with choosing the correct frame size for you. This will allow you to benefit best of the bike’s performance and comfort for an efficient riding position.
Seat Tube (A1)450 mm480 mm510 mm530 mm560 mm580 mm610 mm630 mm
Top Tube (B)505 mm515 mm525 mm545 mm560 mm575 mm590 mm605 mm
Reach (R)375 mm375 mm378 mm384 mm386 mm389 mm390 mm398 mm
Stack (S)523 mm523 mm548 mm560 mm587 mm610 mm634 mm658 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)76°75°75°74°73,5°73°72,5°72,5°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71,8°71,8°72°72,3°73,5°73,5°74°74,5°
Chain-Stay Length (E)404 mm404 mm404 mm404 mm406 mm410 mm410 mm410 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)574 mm574 mm583 mm592 mm590 mm599 mm602 mm602 mm
Head Tube (H)101 mm101 mm126 mm138 mm156 mm180 mm203 mm226 mm
Handlebar width C/C (M)400 mm400 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm440 mm440 mm
Stem Length (N)90 mm90 mm100 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm
Stand over height747 mm766 mm794 mm811 mm834 mm855 mm882 mm903 mm

Configure your

Diamante SV SIgnature Series Act II

Limited Availability

As with all of the Basso Signature Series bikes, this Diamante SV Act II will be available for a limited time only.

Orders will close on July 25, 2024 and deliveries will start from the third week of June 2024.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a unique piece of cycling excellence created in collaboration with a leading name in the design industry. Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the exceptional design and performance of the Diamante SV Signature Series Act II by Mirko Borsche.

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