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Diamante SV 45° Anniversario

Our finest Diamante SV, the bike that crystallizes 45 years of experience and perfectionism: 45 years dedicated to perfecting your ride.

A small production, as it was originally, in a limited and numbered series of 45 pieces. A collector’s item, but also a very high-performance bicycle. A bike that does not want to be a point of arrival but a synthesis, the forerunner of Basso’s future.

The rarest and most precious Diamante


The starting point is Diamante SV, a perfect blend of technology and design that makes this the best Basso ever. It’s our quest for the perfect bike: Super Fast, Super Versatile. This time even more unique and refined.


The exclusive 45th Anniversary livery, on which the Sapphire-colored details stand out, is the result of the work of our creative team with our painting experts.
Pure White: the purity of a bike without compromise.
Chrome Blue Sapphire: a jewel that is embellished with the chromatic details that celebrate Sapphire’s wedding.
Glossy Rose Gold: the prestige and charm of pink gold that tells about Vicenza and its deep connection with the goldsmith’s art.

  • 45° Anniversario

“I wanted to create a bike without compromise, free to be the best expression of what Basso is today, of who I am. Inside there is only the best, until today. The definition of ‘state of the art’ of our first 45 years: the Diamante SV 45° Anniversario.”

Levita Integrated Handlebar

The Diamante tip for unprecedented handling: stiff, light and ergonomic. Levita redefines the concept of riding precision in a heap of technology and aesthetic purity.

Presented for the first time on the 45th Anniversary Diamante SV, Basso’s new integrated system adds a fundamental element to the best riding experience.

The best components from our Excellent Partners

  • Lightweight
  • Selle Italia
  • Campagnolo


Every good bike fit starts with choosing the correct frame size for you. This will allow you to benefit best of the bike’s performance and comfort for an efficient riding position.
Seat Tube (A1)450 mm480 mm510 mm530 mm560 mm580 mm610 mm630 mm
Top Tube (B)505 mm515 mm525 mm545 mm560 mm575 mm590 mm605 mm
Reach (R)375 mm375 mm378 mm384 mm386 mm389 mm390 mm398 mm
Stack (S)523 mm523 mm548 mm560 mm587 mm610 mm634 mm658 mm
Seat Tube Angle (C)76°75°75°74°73,5°73°72,5°72,5°
Steering Tube Angle (D)71,8°71,8°72°72,3°73,5°73,5°74°74,5°
Chain-Stay Length (E)404 mm404 mm404 mm404 mm406 mm410 mm410 mm410 mm
BB to Fork Length (F)574 mm574 mm583 mm592 mm590 mm599 mm602 mm602 mm
Head Tube (H)101 mm101 mm126 mm138 mm156 mm180 mm203 mm226 mm
Handlebar width C/C (M)400 mm400 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm420 mm440 mm440 mm
Stem Length (N)90 mm90 mm100 mm100 mm110 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm

The Diamante SV 45° Anniversario pack includes:

Configure your

Diamante SV 45° Anniversario

Proudly rooted in the territory

What does Vicenza, the territory we come from, teach us? A perpetual search for aesthetic and functional perfection, capable of arousing admiration and inspiring the rest of the world as the architecture of Palladio and the masters of the goldsmith tradition have done for centuries.

45 years is a big part of life

I had the immense luck of being able to dedicate them to my vocation, building something day after day into which I poured all my passion, my dedication, my perseverance. Inside there are me, my family, all the people who have worked with us over the years. Over time, technologies have changed, the approach to cycling, the world that gravitates around it. Yet, even though a lot has changed in recent years, some things remain unchanged. 45 years ago, this adventure started with the same aim that we pursue today: to create the best riding experience.

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